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We capture the most unique elements of the ocean to protect, restore and enliven your health and wellbeing.


Our active ingredients all come from hand harvested seaweed and wild & sustainably caught, deep sea fish.


We source the best ingredients that are functional foods packed with healthy goodness


All of our ingredients come from pristine waters ensuring no toxins or contaminants.

Shoalhaven Story

Shoalhaven Health Co is your choice for premium nutritional products and functional food based supplements, all sourced from the finest natural marine ingredients found in the pristine waters of Australia and the world.

Focused on delivering high quality functional foods with generations of cultural use, Shoalhaven Health Co. strive to have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of our community. Our products range from foods integrating fine Australian seaweeds and marine collagen through to highly bioactive organic seaweeds with functional benefits.

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  • $38.95

    Fucoidan Daily


    Fucoidan Daily combines the benefits of an organic fucoidan rich seaweed powder and a bioactive whole food, to support a healthy immune system and promote general wellbeing.

    May help to:
    – Support immunity
    – Reduce inflammation

    Available size: 60 food grade capsules.
    How to use: Open one or two capsules a day onto food or into any beverage.

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • $99.95

    Fucoidan Pure


    Fucoidan Pure is a high purity fucoidan extract powder, combined with an organic wakame powder to give you a highly bioactive seaweed powder.

    May help to:
    – Boost immunity
    – Promote Digestive health
    – Act as a natural anti-inflammatory

    Available size: 50g (33 serves) – take 0.5 (1.5g) of a teaspoon daily

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • $49.95

    Marine Collagen


    Shoalhaven Health Co. Natural Marine Collagen is a highly bioavailable and easily absorbed powder; stimulating collagen reproduction ad helping to improve your skin, hair and nail health. Our formulation is blended with the addition of natural, wild blueberry powder to increase antioxidants and enhance flavour.

    May help to:
    – Improve skin, hair and nail health
    – Fight signs of ageing
    – Improve joint mobility

    ALLERGEN STATEMNET: contains fish products

    Available size: 150g

    Rated 5.00 out of 5


Our products are all made from the finest natural marine ingredients found anywhere in the world. In partnership with industry leading farmers and processors Shoalhaven Health Co. work the whole way through the supply chain to bring clean source, high purity, natural, sustainable and fully traceable products.

Our ingredients are all taken from clean ocean sources and extracted using only water and pressure. Ensuring no solvents, aids or chemicals are ever used throughout the manufacturing process..


As a natural health company focused on delivering the best marine sourced products with a strong foundation of independent clinical findings, our values are built on transparency of information.

We want our customers to share the full benefits of the amazing array of ingredients, which is why we focus on educating the community who chose to support or show interest in the wonders of the sea..


Our goal is to demystify some of the misnomers around complementary medicine and functional food by presenting products and information that have measured scientific findings and fulfil a practical need for the wider community. Each of our active ingredients are created using world leading technology, preserving the nutrients of each particular ingredient to heighten the efficacy of our products.

Through our relationships with Australia’s most trusted names in marine biotechnology, we understand the complex structures of the molecules and the need to carefully select only the best quality marine ingredients.







Sourced purely from the sea









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