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Benefits of Marine Collagen

Benefits of Marine Collagen

  1. Improves hair, skin and nails – As people age the natural production of collagen decreases, skin becomes less firm and it begins to lose its elasticity. Wrinkles become more prominent and the skin isn’t as smooth as it once was. Along with this, nails begin to break, and hair becomes dry and thin. Just adding a spoonful of collagen, a day to your diet can help the skins elasticity, smoothness and overall appearance.
  2. Helps with joint health –Joints become stiff, swollen and painful the more we age and just like oil in a car, collagen helps your joints to slide with ease.
  3. Supports weight management – Collagen can make your body burn fat, even when you are resting. Collagen can help you feel fuller longer and so you don’t feel the need to snack.
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