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Fucoidan Daily or Fucoidan Advance

Fucoidan Daily or Fucoidan Advance – What’s The Difference?

Fucoidan is a unique compound found in certain species of seaweed. In the ocean, it protects and supports the seaweed against harmful infections and bacteria. When consumed by humans, Fucoidan is known to have similar effects on cells within the human body.

Benefits of Fucoidan include:

✔ Anti-viral properties

✔ Supports a healthy lifestyle

✔ Provides key trace-elements and minerals

✔ Good source of gut-friendly prebiotic dietary fibre

Our Fucoidan Daily 60’s contains 80mg of pure Fucoidan as well as a healthy blend of calcium and kelp powder whilst our Fucoidan Advance 150’s contain 250mg of pure Fucoidan per capsule.

You will feel the amazing benefits of Fucoidan and seaweed powder with both products. For those looking for that extra immunity boost, try Fucoidan Advance for 30 days and enjoy the benefits.

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