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Hand Sanitiser vs. Hand Washing

Hand Sanitiser vs. Hand Washing: We put them to the test!

We all know that one person who’s addicted to their sanitiser, it’s probably that friend who we used to laugh at for being a germ freak in the pre-COVID days of 2019. With the world spotlight well and truly on hand washing and sanitising, we wanted to have a look at which one is the better option for our day to day.

Hand washing is considered the gold standard of hand hygiene when combating viruses, bacteria and other dirt - BUT only when it’s done properly. Effective hand washing must be done for at least 20 seconds, with sufficient care given to washing each individual section of the front and back of both your hands and your fingers (including your nails and surrounding skin). Experts recommend singing Happy Birthday twice while you wash your hands, but there are currently no specific routines or rituals that can ensure that you are washing each section of your hand properly.

Hand sanitiser however, has a benefit here, where you can physically feel the areas of your skin where you have applied it. This means that you’re less likely to miss patches and the germs that are residing on the skin there, which you can transfer on to your face.

Hand sanitiser is also much more accessible, the majority of communal surfaces that you encounter will (of course!) be found in public places. The availability of soap and water at the petrol pump, in the supermarket and at the pharmacy will be limited. The pump bottle of sanitiser in your bag and your car? Always there.

The other factor to consider with hand washing is the inability to adequately sanitise public surfaces. At home, you know that once you wash your hands in the bathroom, that the doors, taps and other surfaces are clean. Public restrooms are notoriously grimy, and the transfer of bacteria from door handles and other public surfaces after you’ve already washed your hands renders it much less effective.

So while we know that both Hand Washing and Hand Sanitising are hugely important, it was a landslide victory for hand sanitiser in the convenience, portability and accessibility arenas.

To celebrate the win, we will be sending a FREE 500ml Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel with any purchases over $100, to keep you and your family clean, safe and germ-free, wherever you go!

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