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Is Seaweed a Superfood?

Is Seaweed a Superfood?

Sushi lovers listen up! Can’t get enough seaweed salad on your plate when you hit up the sushi train? Little do you know, you could be pumping your body with all the nutrients of the latest superfood, while chowing down on some amazing Japanese!

So what does it do?

There’s a million and one scientifically backed benefits to consuming seaweed - from the rejuvenating properties popular in Japan and Korea (we love some anti aging munchies!), to keeping you regular (sorry, but true!). This little green gem certainly packs a hell of a punch!

Let’s go through some of our fave benefits, for what is surely going to be your next fave snack!

Antioxidant Rich

We know, we know, antioxidants are the buzzword of the moment. But they’re seriously great for you, protecting your body on a cellular level from all sorts of ageing, diseases and the toxins of daily life.

Full of fibre!

Fibre is a zero cal wonder that keeps you fuller for longer, as well as encouraging growth of good bacteria in your stomach. It also helps keep you regular, so you can put a hold on the daily metamucil.

Contains your daily dosage of iodine

Iodine is vital for maintaining thyroid health, which can lead to weight gain and fatigue (especially in women!) if not properly maintained.

Fucoidan filled

“Fucoidan who?” If, like us, you hadn’t heard about fucoidan until recently, listen up! This little compound is found in the cell walls of seaweed and has been prized for centuries in Asia for its therapeutic properties.

It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-viral compound (so keeps all the nasties away!). In humans, the protective properties that ensure that the seaweed is kept safe and healthy in the ocean, are replicated to ensure that your cells remain healthy.

Lastly, a seaweed has been discovered that when cooked… tastes like BACON. On top of all the other benefits we’ve covered above - SURELY that’s enough to count seaweed as your next superfood.

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