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Kicking a Sugar Habit

Kick That Sugar Habit!

We know the feeling of constantly craving sweet and sugary snacks. It’s a problem that we can all relate to, but research is showing that it’s not just bad for your waistline but that large amounts of sugar consumption leaves us with addiction-like symptoms including withdrawal and excessive cravings. Here’s our top tips on kicking that sugar habit!


  • Listen to your body

When those withdrawal symptoms kick in listen to your body and understand what it’s craving – is it something sweet, salty, crunchy, sour, soft...the list is endless, but the answer isn’t always sugar!

  • Out of sight, out of mind

Hide the sugar! It’s nearly impossible to give into temptation when you’ve got sugary snacks accessible. Train yourself to have healthy snacks in the kitchen and get rid of those sugary snacks.

  • Pack in the protein

High protein foods digest more slowly making you feel fuller for longer. Eating protein is a great way to curb those cravings. Protein doesn’t make your blood sugar spike the way that sugars do so fill your diet with lean chicken, low-fat yoghurt, eggs and nuts.

  • Spice it up

Add spices to your cooking to naturally sweeten food and decrease those cravings. Our favourites are nutmeg, coriander, cinnamon and cardamom.

  • Don’t go cold turkey

Slow and steady wins the race, making small but effective changes to your lifestyle is the easiest way to sustain your new reduced sugar lifestyle. Avoiding all sugar creates stress and can be very unrealistic. After a good few weeks of your new lifestyle, you will train your taste buds to enjoy things that aren’t as sweet over time.


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