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Marine Magnesium

Mad About Marine Magnesium

Approximately 50% of the body’s total magnesium is found in the bone, the other 50% is found in the tissues and organs with only 1% found in the blood.

Magnesium levels affect nerve and muscle function, blood pressure and bone integrity. However, whilst there are foods that are a good source of magnesium, there is no specific food that provides a high amount of magnesium. Good sources include spinach, nuts, legumes and grains however it is not enough to reach the recommended dietary intake. Therefore, supplementation of magnesium is key!

Looking to go natural?

Marine Magnesium is a natural form of magnesium derived from the clean, mineral-rich seawater off the Irish Atlantic coast, with a multi-mineral matrix of 74 pure plant-source minerals and trace minerals that work synergistically to boost the absorption and bioavailability of Magnesium in the body.

Marine Magnesium is precipitated from seawater which contains approximately 3.5% dissolved salts of which about 0.5% is soluble magnesium.

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