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Marine-sourced ingredients. How do you source them and why?

Marine-sourced ingredients. How do you source them and why?

Here at Shoalhaven Health Co., we’re committed to providing you with the best nutritional health products using entirely marine sourced ingredients.

Everything we create is made from marine-based ingredients with excellent nutritional benefits, which are sustainably caught, grown and hand-harvested in the pristine waters of Jervis Bay. Jervis Bay’s clear waters provide us with an ideal nursery for clean, ecological and innovative biotechnology. We have our own HACCP, ACO, ISO, Halal and Kosher certified manufacturing facility to ensure we’re sustainably cultivating marine sources ingredients for your benefit.

All of our marine-based products are then finished using delicate processes to enhance the bioactivity of the ingredients, thus increasing the nutritional benefits you’ll gain.

These ingredients range from the naturally occurring fucoidan in seaweed to the marine collagen derived from deep-sea fish. They are wild-grown and harvested free of harmful chemicals and pollution, which help promote their nutritional benefits.

Our range of fucoidan products are perfect to regulate your immune health. Whether you have a depressed immune system that needs boosting or an overstimulated immune system that needs suppressing, our Fucoidan Daily and Fucoidan Advance tablets will do the trick.

Our collagen range is renowned for its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Choose from our blueberry, pomegranate or turmeric flavours to feel the benefits.

And one of our new favourites, our Elderberry Immunity Gummies, are wonderful to help prevent cold-like symptoms and keep your immune system working as it should through the colder months.

So, if you’re looking for a little something to keep your body nourished, check out our range of marine-based products and feel beautiful from the inside out.

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