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Natural Marine Collagen for Health & Beauty

Natural Marine Collagen for Health & Beauty

Collagen is our most abundant protein – the building blocks of our hair, skin, nails, tendons, joints, and cartilage. As we move through life our body produces less collagen year after year and eventually stops producing it at all. Fortunately, collagen can be supplemented with sources from marine and land animals. Our range of collagen is from sustainably caught, deep-sea fish.

To help understand just what benefit collagen may have and how it can fit in with your health and wellness goals, we’ve created a list of the top ten things to know about collagen. Available in two great flavours; Pomegranate and Probiotics plus Blueberry and Blue Spirulina. Each item contains 50 serves and provides a daily serve of marine collagen in line with a recent clinical trial that saw the vast majority of a group of 80 women experience a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

1. High bioavailability & easily absorbed – marine collagen has the smallest molecular weight, allowing it to pass through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream. The absorption of marine collagen has been proven to be 1.5 times more efficient than bovine or porcine collagen. Once absorbed, collagen stores throughout your body can be refueled to repair and nourish your collagen stores.

2. Type 1 collagen – There are many different types of collagen in our bodies, in fact, there are over 40 types of collagen. Natural marine collagen from fish skin entirely types one collagen. The most abundant of all the collagen types in our bodies, it is the collagen found most in your skin, hair, nails, tendons, and joints.

3. Skin – Collagen is most commonly associated with skin and it’s with good reason. 70% of our skin is made of type 1 collagen and given we start decreasing the production of collagen from our early 20s, it is worth noting there are ways to replenish your stores. Solid, credible science has established in many clinical trials across the world that marine collagen peptides help to restore our skin by improving skin hydration, firmness and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

4. Cellulite – Whilst there are many factors affecting cellulite, research has shown that collagen supplementation can improve the skins firmness and dermal density (thickness) of the skin. By replacing the type 1 collagen that is diminishing with time with natural marine collagen, the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks may be reduced.

5. Inflammation – Collagen contains important amino acids, including glycine. Inflammatory responses throughout the body are the culprit of a long list of health issues. Glycine has shown to help reduce inflammation throughout the body. Collagen peptides from fish have also revealed to regulate excessive inflammatory processes by inhibiting the expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines. This process allows the tissues to return to a more normal state and naturally heal damaged cells.

6. Decrease joint pain – Osteoarthritis is the most prevalent joint disease today and is responsible for pain, stiffness, impaired movement, and quality of life. Recent clinical trials on the use of marine collagen in treating osteoarthritis have shown its benefits in joint comfort. Scores on pain and physical comfort were significantly decreased over a 12 week period of using marine collagen.

7. Gut health – Research on marine collagen has shown anti-inflammatory activities and positive affects on gut flora, healing the intestinal wall, assisting with leaky gut syndrome and regulating stomach acid helping to prevent stomach ulcers.

8. Hair strength, health, and growth – Marine collagen is widely believed to promote hair growth, improve health and strength of hair. Considerable research into marine collagen has shown it can improve hair overall and the abundant metabolites and nutrients have many bioactive properties.

9. Nails – The collagen in our nails depletes over time as it does in the rest of our bodies. Scientific research and human clinical trials across the world have shown that the inclusion of marine collagen peptides into your diet can improve nail strength and promote growth. Hydrolysed collagen peptides have a small molecular weight meaning they are easily absorbed into our bloodstream and therefore able to have a structural role in our nails, as well as our hair, skin, tendons, joints, bones and cartilage.

10. Sustainability – Natural Marine Collagen comes from sustainably caught deep-sea fish. Caught in deep, cold Atlantic waters, our collagen comes from the skin of the fish, which has previously been considered a waste product. Now, with innovation in biotechnology and research, we are able to provide a product that has amazing health benefits.



*This information is not intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease. If you have any questions regarding the content above relating to your own health or condition, please speak with your healthcare professional. Inquiries can also be directed to
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1 comment

Tania Rychtowski / Jul 23, 2020 at 12:22

Hello Shoalhaven Health Co.! …

I discovered your website via the “10 Best Collagen Supplement Drinks in Australia – Drink your way to glowing skin!” – by Nikki Black. I am interested in your collagen product and am happy to see that I can buy quality products here in Australia.

I was hoping you would be so kind and confirm if your collagen powders contain the following ingredients:

- Maltodextrin
- Wheat / gluten
- Stevia or any artificial sweeteners

If I purchased both your Blue Spirulina & Blueberry Marine Collagen and your Probiotics & Organic Pomegranate Marine Collagen, could I use one on one day and the other the next day therefore alternating to get the best from both of these products?

I sincerely look forward to your reply as I am keen to order!

Kindest regards,
Tania (NSW)

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