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Elderberry Immunity Gummies

NEW Elderberry Immunity Gummies

With the current focus on health and immunity in the world, there have been a lot of questions floating around about what exactly helps (or harms!) our immunity.

From old wives tales (anyone else’s mum use chicken soup and flat lemonade as a substitute for medicine?), to Pete Evans’ BioCharger, it can be hard to tell fact from fiction. That’s why we have here, the science behind the best selling Elderberry Immunity Gummies.

How do they work?

There’s 3 key ingredients that are at play with these gummies, Elderberry Extract, Vitamin C and Zinc.

From the Ancient Egyptians (who also used Elderberries to improve their complexions!), to Native American tribes, to folk healers across Europe, traditional herbalists have been using elderberry extract for centuries. It’s thought to ease the impact of flu season and help support your body in curing various cold and flu-like ailments.

Modern research shows that it acts by stopping the virus from spreading as quickly within the body, and boosts your immune response. Pretty wild stuff when you think about it!

This ancient antiviral has also been known to reduce your cold-like symptoms (bye bye runny nose and general ickyness!) at the same time as fighting off illness. That’s a lot of work for just a couple of gummies!

Vitamin C - of course!- is the immunity golden child, no longer just in powdery chewable tablets your mum dishes out every morning before school. It both supports your white blood cell count and protects them from harm while they’re fighting off viruses.

Zinc is one of the building blogs of regulating your immune system, and has proven itself to be incredible at things like wound healing! These properties on a cellular level help to control your body's immune response - and is not stored in your body, so adequate daily intake is an absolute must in flu season!

All of these together are a killer combination, full of antioxidants to protect your cells from free radicals, promote immune strength and alleviate cold symptoms!

So send your apologies to Mum, you won’t be needing that chicken soup this winter, you’ve had a head start with Elderberry Immunity Gummies.

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