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Why you need more collagen

Why you need more collagen in your life!

Find yourself bingeing sugar and refined carbs in isolation? Can’t get enough of that UberEats pizza, with a square or two of chocolate for dessert?

Then you might (unintentionally, of course) be damaging your collagen levels.

When your collagen levels are low, your skin becomes less firm and begins to lose its elasticity. Your nails can also start to break, and your hair can become dry and thin.

Not only does having optimal collagen levels help offset all of these nasty side-effects, it also has a few other handy benefits. As your collagen levels decrease, your joints become stiff, swollen and painful. You can grease up those aching joints by upping your collagen intake, to help them move a lot smoother and hurt a lot less.

Collagen can also help burn body fat, even when you’re not getting up and about. It helps you feel fuller for longer, so you don’t feel the need to eat that whole pack of Tim Tams you bought on your weekly shop.

Does it sound like you need a bit (or a lot) more collagen in your life?

You can reap these health benefits from our natural Marine Collagen. It’s more easily absorbed than other collagen sources, contains collagen types one and three, and works wonders to promote glowing skin, healthy hair and gorgeous nails.

Oh, and also? It tastes delicious.

Just add a spoonful of collagen to your diet every day to feel better on the inside and out.

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