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Why you need to add turmeric to your skincare routine

Why you need to add turmeric to your skincare routine

Add it to lattes. Add it to teas. Add it to your favourite dish for a bit of extra flavour (and if you spill it, you have a new yellow-stained bench to enjoy).

It’s one of those spices that seems to be popping up everywhere, including in our marine collagen tablets.

But why is it so popular?

Turmeric is one of those super spices, that can be added to just about anything for taste and a range of great health benefits. It’s a strong antioxidant and contains compounds with medicinal properties that have powerful anti-inflammatory effects.

It can also be great for your skincare routine.

In fact, we think it’s a skincare must.

That chemical compound contained in turmeric? It’s called curcumin, and it’s the key ingredient to turmeric’s skincare benefits. As curcumin is a natural antioxidant, it can help decrease UV damage and clear up acne when applied to the skin. It can also reduce collagen breakdown when taken orally and prevent certain skin conditions caused by inflammation.

Our Shoalhaven Health Co. Marine Collagen & Turmeric tablets combine all of these benefits of organic turmeric powder with the benefits of natural marine collagen. While the turmeric reduces inflammation throughout the body, our high-grade marine collagen is used to improve overall skin health.

This natural complex, jam packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, has been developed to support a range of common health and wellbeing essentials and is especially beneficial for your skin care.

Just take one of our Marine Collagen & Turmeric tablets a day to get all of those wonderful antioxidant benefits that promote beautiful nails, healthy hair and that beautiful glowing skin.

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