How Meal Replacement & Weight Loss Shakes Promote Weight Loss
The Nutrify and IsoWhey ranges can nourish your body and help you stick to your weight loss journey. Formulated with vitamins and minerals, the range provides all the energy, protein and goodness you need to replace breakfast, lunch or dinner. With no added sugar or artificial flavours, you know you are feeding your body with the good stuff… including pure whey protein. Not only has whey protein been shown to be better than other protein sources at stimulating muscle protein synthesis, but a high protein diet can also help you feel fuller for longer.
A four-month study in overweight women following a resistance training program during a calorie deficit found that the group consuming 1.3 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight per day gained more lean mass and lost more fat mass than people consuming 0.8 grams per kilogram. Link to study
A different four-week, single-blind, randomized study provided 40 adults with hypocaloric diets (40% energy reduction) that were either lower protein (1.2 g/kg/day) or higher protein (2.4 g/kg/day), while undergoing exercise training. Whilst both groups lost fat mass, the fat losses were significantly greater in the higher protein (-4.8 kilograms) than the lower protein group (-3.5 kilograms). Link to study