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"... A great substitute if you can't stomach the taste of bone broth, this collagen powder can be mixed into any hot or cold drink. I love a teaspoon in my morning coffee for a fresh and fruity flavour as this powder does not taste fishy at all!"

Nourished Life

"Alternatives to Bone Broth" Article from 2018
"... This magical stuff is FOOD for your hair, skin, and nails. It's also anti-ageing (collagen plumps up the skin) and can be beneficial for joint health ..."

GoodnessMe Box

Collagen Smoothie Bowl Recipe
"... An article written by NCBI on blue spirulina powder has shown to reduce muscle fatigue on all the trial patients and an significant improvement in digestion."

The Confessions Of A Single Mum

Article Review on our Blue Spirulina & Blueberry Marine Collagen
"Shoalhaven Health Co. provides the goods! This easily absorbed, bioavailable collagen powder may stimulate collagen production, improving skin, nail and hair health, helping to fight the signs of aging and improving joint mobility ..."

WHO Magazine

10 Best Collagen Supplement Drinks in Australia


Scientific Studies on How Collagen Affects Our Body

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